Video: Toxic Water Crisis in Kettleman City

For residents in Kettleman City, a recent meeting with the State Water Resources Control Board and other local agencies on Aug. 31, 2016, can be considered the first step in the right direction to bring clean water to the disadvantage and vulnerable community of color in southwest Kings County which has been fighting for environmental justice for so many years. A public meeting notice invited residents to participate in the public meeting with representatives of the State Water Resources Control Board, Reef-Sunset Unified School District and Self-Help Enterprise, which presented residents with information on how they are monitoring the quality of their drinking water, the status of the projects that currently provide safe drinking water as a interim solution to the contaminated underground water problems the town face and an update on the time frame for the funding and construction of the planned drinking water treatment plant which would provide a permanent solution for residents to obtain clean drinking water. However, the permanent solution which would be provided by the drinking water treatment plant is still a few years away of becoming a reality.