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Folkloric dance great Silvia Lozano talks about her life

Vida en el Valle

(Published Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 09:26AM)

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If not for her dad and her decision not to accept an offer from American dance master Agnes de Mille, the life of Silvia Lozano as the Mexican folkloric ballet's No. 1 teacher would not have been written.

First, when Lozano was dancing with the Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernández, her dad went to see her dance. He did not agree with their dancing.

"Hey, note that this is not folklore," her father said. "Remember we went here and there? It is here, and this over there."

"It made me think," said Lozano, who had visited many villages in the Mexican Republic with his dad to see the traditional dances of those places.

She decided, at 16 years old, to launch her own company with more traditional dances.

Second, de Mille Lozano invited her to go to New York to dance with his company. Lozano did not accept the invitation because her mother was very sick.

Her mother died shortly after that.

If she had accepted the invitation, according to Lozano, " I could not have done what I'm doing now."

Lozano and his company -- Ballet Foclórico de México Aztlán Mexico de Silvia Lozano -- recently performed at Festival of the Danzantes in Fresno.

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