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Anti-immigrant bill

By Martin E. Martinez / Vida en el Valle

(Published Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 11:15AM)

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California Republican leaders introduced an anti-immigrant proposal which they promise will carry to the ultimate consequence.

Last week, Tirso del Junco, ex president of the California Republican Party; Ted Hilton, a real estate businessman from San Diegoe; and, Bill Siler, a Republican representative from Concord, sent all the necessary documentation to the court to be placed in the Nov. 2012 ballots.

This initiative, which is called the 2012 Taxpayer Protection Act, would prohibit undocumented immigrants to receive federal financial aid; block their driver's licenses; require fingerprints from pregnant women who use Medi-Cal; and, allow police officers to refer undocumented individuals to immigration services when arrested.

None of the three Republican leaders wanted to speak with this media about their proposal but the letter sent to Judge Kamala Harris states that the reason for this initiative is to destroy and discourage illegal immigration and the state to assist taxpayers in these difficult times.

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